Capps plans to focus her studies at Harris on social policy and inequality, with the hope of one day writing legislative policy.
Headshot of Hannah Capps
Hannah Capps

Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in political science from Morningside University in May 2022, Hannah Capps has strived to always work hard and “be a voice for others even when they feel like they don’t have one.”

During the past four years of her undergraduate career, Capps has been a part of the Morningside Poll, a statewide research poll that examines current political and social issues for Iowans. “Seeing the many challenges Iowans struggled with—such as resources to healthcare and inflation—made me want to make a change in my community by studying public policy."

Capps had also been heavily involved in the Morningside University community. She formerly served as president, and then vice president, of the civic union. She was also secretary of the student government.

Her appreciation for the value of community, Capps said, was heavily inspired by her father, who passed away during her freshman year of high school.

“That is the hardest thing I have gone through in my life. It was a lot to take in, but that experience allowed me to find strength in myself to face adversity directly. I wanted to be able to take my loss and channel it into something positive. I realized being a supportive voice for someone—or a community—who may not feel they have one was that path."

"I hope to be just as involved in the Harris community as I have been at Morningside," she said. After visiting the University of Chicago campus last summer, Capps felt drawn to Harris. “I really enjoyed all the opportunities and experiences that Harris had to offer,” said Capps. “I visited again in September for a visit day, and that was in the middle of my application. When I went, I felt reassured by the feeling of home on the campus. It felt like this was where I needed to be to study policy.”

At Harris, Capps plans to focus on social policy and inequality.  Excited to explore the many Harris Student Organizations, Capps is specifically interested in the Chicago Policy Review and Women in Public Policy.

Capps said she is also drawn to “the prestige that comes with going to a school like Harris with all the accolades the University of Chicago has to offer. Harris offers an education that is different from any other public policy school: it sets you apart as an expert in the field,” said Capps. “Which is essentially what I’m going to need later on as I advance my career.”

Capps looks forward to the classes she will take in the Harris Core curriculum. “I’ll be able to learn a lot about the quantitative side of things and later apply it to different classes across the school,” said Capps. Her long term goal is to earn her master’s degree—and eventually a PhD—to one day write legislative policies.