Justus hopes to use his Harris AM to better navigate transportation policy issues and government regulations.
Headshot of Cody Justus
Cody Justus

Cody Justus’ belief that sustainable transportation policy is key to a more culturally enlightened world has informed his career at Boeing. “Whether it’s a southbound train from the north side of Chicago or a flight across the globe, efficient and accessible transport allows for the exchange of culture and ideas, ultimately broadening passengers’ perspectives of the world.”

Justus sees the skills offered in the Harris Evening Master’s Program as essential in helping him prepare Boeing for what’s next. “The Harris EMP will equip me with the tools to better understand a changing policy and regulatory environment areas such as geopolitical and trade policy, environmental sustainability, corporate governance, tax and workforce policy, and many more,” he said, “and I am excited to work with people and organizations that are doing great things in Chicago. I want to figure out how I can leverage my skills to more actively engage in creating positive change for the city.”

Justus’ appreciation for transportation comes from his travels as an undergraduate student. Having grown up in Frankfort, Illinois, a southwest suburb of Chicago, and then attending college at Washington University in St. Louis, Justus had traveled very little until his junior year when he studied abroad in London. “Up until then, I had never left the country and had never been west of Kansas. Going to London and studying with people with completely different worldviews really broadened my own perspective.” While in London, Justus interned at the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) where he conducted military analysis research and supported discussions on global issues. “I really benefited from getting out of my comfort zone and putting myself in a place where the issues were much different from what I experienced back home.”

Justus’ career with Boeing began after he graduated from Washington University in 2015. In January 2020, he moved into a role in Investor Relations . “Our team is responsible for telling the Boeing story to investors, and during COVID that was certainly challenging. More recently, I have taken on more environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) responsibilities. I’ve been surprised at how important ESG topics were during COVID. Even in the face of steep financial challenges, ESG still remains of critical importance to investors.”

As his responsibilities grow at Boeing, Justus sees the EMP as a critical next step in complementing and expanding his existing financial skill set. “An MBA would have deepened my skills as a business professional, but I’m choosing Harris and the EMP because I want to broaden my knowledge base. Harris will enable me to move towards more policy-related roles while still being able to use my financial background. Translating data into recommendations is a transferable skill, and Harris will allow me to expand this skill set and teach me to think about data from a more policy-driven perspective. Companies have a role to play in responsibly shaping these discussions and policies, and I see how the industry can do better; I want to contribute to that.”