The Harris community mourns the loss of the lives of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and the countless other men and women who have endured hate and violence because of the color of their skin. We believe passionately that Black lives matter, and our school stands with the Black community and all of those who are fighting for justice in our city, across our nation, and around the world to dismantle the legacy of oppression and systemic racism. These tragic events remind us how vitally important it is that we work together – as a community dedicated to better public policy – to be a force combatting pernicious and persistent racism, discrimination, brutality, and injustice. Harris Dean Katherine Baicker joins Provost Lee and the University in affirming our commitment to diversity and inclusion, which is nowhere more important than in a school of public policy, and asks every member of our community to do the same. We need each and every voice, standing together, united in our drive for better policy and a better world for us all. 

This statement follows previous communications to the Harris community since the brutal killing of George Floyd on May 25. Learn more about Harris' commitment to diversity and inclusion, upcoming events, and resources for the Harris community on the Diversity & Inclusion webpage.