Look back on some of the top Harris student profile stories from 2017.

Each and every day, we’re inspired by our students. Through their passion, drive and unwavering pursuit in creating impactful, positive policy change around the world, we’re honored to support them along their journey.  As Harris looks back on 2017, we highlight five of many of inspiring Harris student stories as part of our Breaking Through series.

Olivia Carneiro (MPP ‘19, expected)

Olivia Carneiro cares deeply about understanding the root cause of inequality in her native Brazil. As a Pearson Institute fellow, Carneiro hopes to better understand and connect policymakers with economic and political solutions to resolving conflicts.

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Taylor Docking (MPP ‘18, expected)

After serving with Teach for America Chicago, Taylor Docking went on to start Project Intersect, a non-profit that is revolutionizing the way low-income high schools and liberal arts colleges partner to ensure the college persistence of Chicago's low-income students.

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Michael Harvey (MPP ‘17)

Michael Harvey, now a recent MPP grad, spoke to Harris about his drive to tackle issues like housing and urban development using his degree from Harris along with his passion for building stronger communities in Chicago and beyond.

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Emily Webber (MSCAPP ‘17)

Emily Webber, now a recent MSCAPP grad, talks about her eye-opening summer internship at IssueVoter and the importance of solving key policy challenges through technology and data.

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Joyce Xie and Wenjia Xie, Sunlight Foundation Fellows

While students at Harris, Joyce Xie and Wenjia Xie (who are unrelated), learned when they participated as fellows at Washington-based Sunlight Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to government accountability and transparency. As fellows, they worked as part of the What Works Cities initiative, a national project around the use of data to improve services in mid-sized cities.  

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