Decolonizing the Church

Tue., April 06, 2021 | 7:00 PM — 8:00 PM

Virtual Event
1307 E. 60th Street
Chicago, IL 60637
United States

Sponsored By: Spiritual Life and Office of Multicultural Student Affairs

Decolonization has become part of the mainstream vocabulary in recent years, bringing attention to the way religious institutions contribute to gentrification and colonial oppressions. This issue is embedded with layered and often contradictory notions of how to define religious values, colonization, and its victims. How should congregations maintain their values while actively abolishing social harms? We will unpack this issue with Dr. Angie Heo (UChicago Divinity School), Dr. Kwok Pui-Lan (Emory University), and Steve Núñez (University of Connecticut)