Teaching Assistant Program Administrator and Faculty Support Assistant

About Laura Carroll


Laura Carroll is the Program Administrator for Teaching Assistants as well as providing faculty support. In this role she develops, coordinates and provides guidance for the TA training program. In addition, she supports TA recruitment, and the educational needs of faculty and lecturers. Laura returns home to Chicago after five years of international study and work. She brings a wealth of professional experiences in education, coaching and communication. She served Chicago’s deaf and hard of hearing community as an educational interpreter/teacher and has also held administrator and teaching positions in China and Europe. Passionate about human development, education and one’s ability to connect knowledge to experience, she also coached executive, as well as educational, leaders to develop emotional, conversational and ethical intelligence, deeper levels of self-awareness as well as provided training for high performance teams resulting in enhanced trust, alignment with integrity, purpose and increased job satisfaction.

Laura has a BA from the University of California, Santa Barbara in Communication Studies as well as an advanced masters in American Studies from the University of Ghent, Belgium. She is currently working on completion of an International Baccalaureate certification in the MYP and DP programs through DePaul University.