Associate Director, Social Media and Digital Engagement

About Charliese Agnew

As the Associate Director of Social Media & Digital Engagement, Charliese Agnew has been tasked with developing basic frameworks surrounding internal social media policies and reporting structures, engaging various current students and alumni via ambassador programs, and implementing social media strategies to increase engagement across platforms.

Prior to her role at Harris, Charliese worked at various organizations doing communications. Notably, she was at the City of Evanston as the Community Engagement Specialist. During that time, she drafted communications across mediums (print, web, e-newsletter, social, and video), wrote speeches on behalf of the city’s alderpersons, staffed committees, managed city-wide programs, and built relationships with various community partners and volunteer groups.

Her work on the “We Love Evanston” social media campaign was significant. She created a special community-wide event to help the city garner votes for the World Wildlife Fund’s “We Love Cities Challenge.” The objective of the eight-week campaign was to encourage community members from each of the 46 participating cities worldwide to vote, tweet, and Instagram reasons why they love their city. With a total of 14,365 votes, Evanston had the second highest number of votes per capita. Despite having one of the smallest populations in the competition, Evanston had the fourth largest vote total overall, eclipsing much larger cities like Rio de Janeiro and Johannesburg.

Charliese received her bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University and graduated a semester early to pursue her career goals.