Fostering an environment that encourages rigorous inquiry and effective public policy problem-solving requires the involvement and understanding of diverse viewpoints, experiences, and traditions. We believe it is necessary to ground your orientation to diversity in understanding and combating racial bias, given its underlying role in each area of diversity and inclusion.

Orientation Diversity and Inclusion Training Session

All student are expect to attend a diversity and including training session offer during New Student Orientation.  For the last two years Harris has offered this training in partnership with the Chicago Regional Organizing for Antiracism (CROAR), an organization that serves institutions committed to dismantling racism and all other forms in inequality and injustice. During the training, you will learn about systemic racism, its identity-shaping power and continuing effects in our society, along with how it links to other forms of oppression.

As a public policy school, it is vital that every student develop the tools necessary to help them understand how policy impacts people differently. At Harris, we provide you with those tools through our core courses and electives, but also through a series of trainings and experiences that are unique to Harris.

Additional Diversity and Inclusion Training Sessions

This will be the first of several student diversity and inclusion training sessions hosted by the Harris Diversity & Inclusion office throughout the academic year. Additional training will focus on critical cultural competency and implicit bias.

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