After three years of online teaching, Peking University (PKU) and the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy are proud to launch an in-person 2023 PKU-UChicago Summer School. During the Summer School, you will receive face-to-face instruction and guidance in English from top professors in PKU and UChicago Harris on PKU campus in Beijing, China. 

In addition to lectures, you will also engage in a group research project supervised by professors, visit top industry organizations to learn about their best practices, receive career planning advice and social networking from top practitioners in related fields, and receive a certification of completion jointly awarded by PKU and UChicago Harris.

The 2023 Summer School offers three separate programs: International Policy Action Lab (IPAL), Monetary Policy and International Finance Program (MPIF), and Environmental Economics and Policy Lab (EEPL). Applications are now being accepted until June 18 for the summer of 2023! 

International Policy Action Lab (IPAL)

Duration: July 17– August 11, 2023

Course content:

  • Econometric methodology and its applications
  • Econometric models and basic operations
  • Programming in Stata 

IPAL is taught by Xuezheng Qin,  Professor and Deputy Dean at PKU School of Economics, and Austin Wright, Assistant Professor at UChicago Harris.

Monetary Policy and International Finance Program (MPIF)

Duration: July 17–August 4, 2023

Course content:

  • The structure and effectiveness of modern national monetary systems
  • The role of central banks and commercial banks in China
  • Monetary policy making and its impact on national interest rates and foreign exchange rates
  • Banking Regulation and Innovation in China

MPIF is taught by Yao Tang, Associate Professor at the Department of Applied Economics, Guanghua School of Management, PKU, and Thomas Coleman, Senior Lecturer at UChicago Harris.

Environmental Economics and Policy Lab (EEPL)

Duration: August 7–25, 2023

Course content:

  • Theoretical foundations of environmental economics
  • Sharing environmental energy policy in practice
  • Understanding and addressing environmental and energy issues in the context of development economic theory

EEPL is taught by Shaoda Wang, Assistant Professor at UChicago Harris.

When you're ready to take your next step, the Summer School at PKU is ready to provide you an opportunity to learn policy with international experts. Start your application today or attend an upcoming event. If you have any questions, contact We look forward to working with you.