Develop and expand your data analytics skills in eight weeks.

For individuals from diverse academic and professional backgrounds, this program provides a foundation in quantitative tools and how to apply rigorous analytics in policy.

The accelerated format will take you from novice to intermediate in only eight weeks.

The part-time program format is compatible for those enrolled in school full-time or who are working full-time.  


Subject: Data Analytics, R Programming

Level: Beginner, intermediate

Duration: 8 weeks, 5-8 hours per week

Dates: February 1 – March 29, 2022

Cost: $2,500


  • No experience required

  • Asynchronous lectures: learn on your own schedule

  • Live support: ask questions in office hours and via discussion boards

Who Will Benefit

This program is a fit if you are:

  • Interested in data analytics and coding
  • Considering a graduate degree or professional path in the field of data science, analytics, or public policy 
  • Seeking a robust foundation in quantitative methodologies  
  • Have limited or no experience in econometrics, statistics, or coding

What You Will Learn

  • How to retrieve, clean, visualize, and analyze data

  • How to write and share code in R Programming

  • Understand the fundamental problem of causal inference 

  • How to use statistical modeling to navigate around the causal inference issue

Program Details

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