There’s a lot of noise created by our constant news cycle, but few ways to grasp what’s really going on in politics today. Not Another Politics Podcast provides a fresh perspective on the biggest political stories by focusing on research and data, not pundits and politicians.

Understand the political science beyond the headlines with Harris School of Public Policy Professors William Howell, Anthony Fowler, and Wioletta Dziuda.

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Why don’t we prepare better for crises we know are coming? What effect will the coronavirus pandemic have on Trump’s 2020 chances? Should we even be having an election in the midst of a viral outbreak? On this episode, we turn to political science.
We’re constantly told that America is too divided. That we no long just oppose members of the opposite party, but actually hate them. That something is broken in American life.
Do primaries attract more extremist voters who skew elections toward candidates like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump? The common idea has always been that their extremism makes them more likely to vote in primaries. It may be more complicated.
On this episode, we discuss the hidden story behind policies like the Trump administration’s border wall and Muslim travel ban, or Europe’s burqa bans.
Do divisive primaries actually affect how candidates will perform in general elections? It's a question political scientist have been trying and failing to untangle, but we found someone who may have an answer.