Build your foundation in international health policy in 6 weeks.

The enormity of the COVID-19 pandemic underlines the ways in which health policy must sometimes lead, and always inform, the activities of governments, international agencies, the private sector, and public-private partnerships.

Build a foundation in international health policy in 6 weeks and develop your knowledge of:

  • the drivers of healthcare costs;
  • the actors who set the global health agenda;
  • the ways nations allocate resources and structure their markets for health care;
  • and the structure, collection, use, and regulation of healthcare data for treatment, research, and policy.

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Subject: Health policy, health administration, international health

Level: Beginner, immediate

Duration: 6 weeks, 3-5 hours per week

Dates: October 4 – November 12, 2021

Cost: $2,500


  • Synchronous lectures conducted via Zoom
  • Faculty lectures joined by executive practitioners
  • Asynchronous reading materials to prepare before the lectures
  • Live support: ask questions in office hours and discussion boards
  • Exclusive opportunity for internship after the program
  • No experience required

Who Will Benefit

This program is a fit if you are:

  • Interested in health policy, healthcare, international health policy, public policy
  • Seeking advice from and connections with a global network of researchers and executive practitioners
  • Exploring a graduate degree or professional path in the field of international health or public policy

What You Will Learn

The program addresses the following topics:

  • International Health Policy and Governance
  • COVID-19, Pandemics, and Responses
  • Healthcare Costs (Drugs, Technology, Services) and Performance Measurement
  • Paying for Healthcare, Insurance, and other Payors
  • Health Information Privacy and Regulation
  • Health Data, Research, Evidence, and Policy
  • Cost Effectiveness Analysis (Experiential Learning)

Program Details

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Headshot photo of Claire Brindley
Claire Brindley

My driving motivation has been to improve access to quality health care, especially for vulnerable populations. The health policy contingent at Harris has provided me with a supportive community from diverse backgrounds, all centered on improving health care outcomes. I know it will be a hub I will draw on and contribute to throughout my career.

Claire Brindley, MPP'22