The Harris Dean of Students Office at Harris is composed of individuals who are dedicated to helping you maximize your learning to make the most out of your time at Harris. By delivering a holistic academic advising approach and upholding Harris’ guiding principles, we aim to advocate and serve as a first point of contact for students as they navigate their academic journey. We design an academic experience to meet the changing needs of tomorrow’s public policy professionals. From engaging in impactful learning opportunities outside the classroom to providing encouragement and support for all of our students, we are here to support you through struggles and celebrate your successes.

Our Mission

The Dean of Students Office fosters an inclusive community and empowers future policy leaders through the cultivation of a transformational learning environment and navigation of campus life to achieve academic and professional excellence.

Our Vision

We provide personal and academic support to best educate and guide our students in all aspects of the Harris experience.

Our Values and Norms

Holistic Development

  • Provide comprehensive advising by developing a relationship built on respect and trust to foster academic success
  • Facilitate the transition of students into the academic and professional climate of Harris
  • Create programmatic opportunities outside of the classroom and cultivate academic support resources to supplement the Harris curriculum

Inquiry & Advocacy

  • Create opportunities for assessment and student input to enhance the student experience
  • Advocate to Harris Faculty & Leadership on behalf of students
  • Facilitate connections between students, faculty, staff, and external offices

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Promote sensitivity and respond to the individual and collective needs of Harris’ diverse student population
  • Create accessible learning environments alongside faculty and staff to meet the needs of our student population
  • Recognize the diverse identities, backgrounds, and beliefs of the Harris student population and create learning opportunities to enhance cultural awareness

Accessibility & Responsiveness

  • Seek opportunities to proactively interact with students in community spaces
  • Adjust to individual and collective challenges and situations, providing flexibility as needed.
  • Respond to email correspondences within one business day to deliver service excellence

Transparency & Fairness

  • Ensure consistency in decision making by making informed decisions through the use of institutional data and our student voices
  • Prioritize the whole of the student body by exploring strategies to improve outcomes for all students
  • Equip students with information in a timely manner to empower students to make informed choices and decisions throughout their time at Harris

Our Team

Headshot of Kate Biddle
Kate Biddle

Kate Shannon Biddle, Harris Dean of Students

Kate Shannon Biddle serves as the Dean of Students for Harris. In her role, she advocates for Harris students, supports students in crisis, approves leave of absence and degree transfer requests, manages student disciplinary issues, and liaises with the Harris curriculum committee. Kate also sets and reviews policies and procedures related to students to ensure fairness, equity, and clarity.  Her team oversees many areas of the student academic experience, including academic advising, registration, academic support, and the writing program.

Kate has worked with graduate students most of her professional career and finds tremendous joy in working with the diverse, intelligent, and engaged Harris student body.

Read Kate’s bio here.


Headshot of Eman Alsamara
Eman Alsamara

Eman Alsamara, Assistant Director of Academic Advising

Eman serves as an academic advisor on the Dean of Students Office Team to our MPP students. She also serves as the Harris Student Disability Liaison where she implements reasonable accommodations for students with approved disability accommodations from our central Student Disability Services Office and serves as the coordinator for our International Student Initiatives Team which aims to ensure the overall satisfaction of our Harris international student population.

Read Eman’s bio here.


Headshot of David Chrisinger
David Chrisinger

David Chrisinger, Program Director, Writing Program

David Chrisinger directs the Harris Writing Program, leads the Writing Persuasive Public Policy Credential Program, advises the Chicago Policy Review and Harris students enrolled in the Education and Society Certificate Program, and teaches policy writing courses in the winter and spring quarters. He is the author of Public Policy Writing That Matters and Stories Are What Save Us: A Survivor’s Guide to Writing about Trauma.

Read David’s bio here.


Headshot of Daisy Cruz
Daisy Cruz

Daisy Cruz, Academic Advising and Financial Aid Specialist

Daisy advises graduate students on academic and financial aid matters to help them achieve their goals and enhance the student experience. 

Read Daisy’s bio here.


Headshot of Tempris Daniels
Tempris Daniels

Tempris Daniels, Assistant Director, Evening Master’s Program (EMP)

Tempris is an advisor for the Evening Master’s Program (EMP) students. As an advisor to EMP students, she focuses on providing an overall program experience including but not limited to: one-on-one advising session, inclusive programming, financial aid assistance, and general support for all students as they go through the 15-month degree program. 

Read Tempris’s bio here.


Headshot of Isabeau Dasho
Isabeau Dasho

Isabeau Dasho, Assistant Director, Writing Program

Assistant Director of the Writing Program Isabeau Dasho helps facilitate the Writing Program’s many seminars, workshops, and creative writing events. She is also available to meet with students one on one for strategic help on assignments, drafts, journal articles or other writing projects.

Read Isabeau’s bio here.


Headshot of Andrew Dawson
Andrew Dawson

Andrew Dawson, Assistant Dean of Students, Operations and Special Projects

Andrew Dawson is the Assistant Dean of Students for Operations and Special Projects at Harris Public Policy where he works on academics, curriculum, and student life. Andrew serves as an academic advisor to MPP and MA students, manages data projects, co-directs the Harris Mentor Program, and works on curriculum development.

Read Andrew’s bio here.


Headshot of Krisinda Doherty
Krisinda Doherty

Krisinda Doherty, Senior Program Director, Evening Master’s Program (EMP)

Krisinda Doherty is the Evening Master’s Senior Program Director at the University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy. In this role, she directs and manages all components of the part-time student experience.

Read Krisinda’s bio here.


Headshot of Matthew Fleming
Matthew Fleming

Matthew Fleming, Assistant Director, Writing Program

Matthew Fleming is a Writing Coach within the Writing Program at Harris. He holds an MA in Applied Linguistics and has spent the past decade working with English Language Learners both in the United States and abroad. Reach out to Matthew for help with any essay, article, or presentation you need help bringing to life, at any stage of its development.


Headshot of Ani Gatz
Ani Gatz

Ani Gatz, Associate Director, Evening Master’s Program (EMP)

Ani Gatz is the Associate Director of Harris' Evening Master's Program, where she oversees operations and academic affairs. She provides academic advising and support to half of the students in the Evening Master's Program.

Read Ani’s bio here.


Headshot of Melvin Harris
Melvin Harris

Melvin Harris, Senior Associate Director, Registration and Enrollment

Melvin serves as the main contact for students and other Registrar’s Offices, regarding course registration and cross-listed courses. He manages the curriculum review process, in coordination with the Deputy Dean of Instruction, provides enrollment and course evaluation data to assist in decision making about course offerings, follows up on courses/topic areas still needed and troubleshoots issues with scheduling and course assignments. Melvin also coordinates the Harris academic certificate process, by meeting each year with certificate Faculty Directors, updating requirements, and ensuring that certificate courses are prioritized on the course schedule.

Read Melvin’s bio here.


Headshot of Jeff Jackson
Jeff Jackson

Jeff Jackson, Assistant Program Director, MS in Computational Analysis and Public Policy (MSCAPP)

Jeff is the Assistant Program Director for the MSCAPP program and is an academic advisor for MSCAPP students, and also supports academic and professional programming at MSCAPP and is the initial point of contact for prospective students and applicants to the program.

Read Jeff's bio here


Headshot of Jen Lombardo
Jen Lombardo

Jen Lombardo, Assistant Dean of Students, Academic Services and Advising

Jen oversees academic advising at Harris and coordinates a variety of student services with other members of the Dean of Students Team. She is an academic advisor for MPP and joint degree students and is constantly thinking about ways to improve the student experience. 

Read Jen’s bio here.


Headshot of Kathryn Mattie
Kathryn Mattie

Kathryn Mattie, Program Director, MS in Computational Analysis and Public Policy (MSCAPP)

Katie is the Program Director for the MSCAPP program and serves as an academic advisor for CAPP students. 

Read Katie’s bio here.


Headshot of Hanna Seferos
Hanna Seferos

Hanna Seferos, Assistant Director of Academic Advising

Hanna is the Assistant Director of Academic Advising on the Dean of Students Team at Harris. In this role, she advises MPP students and manages many academic support programs, resources, and events for students.

Read Hanna’s bio here.



Headshot of Alyssa Szynal
Alyssa Szynal

Alyssa Szynal, Associate Program Director, MS in Computational Analysis and Public Policy (MSCAPP)

Alyssa is the Associate Program Director for the MSCAPP program and serves as an academic advisor for CAPP students, in addition to supporting experiential learning opportunities and professional development programming for students and alumni.

Read Alyssa’s bio here.


Headshot of Barbara Williams
Barbara Williams

Barbara Williams, Associate Director, Financial Aid and Academic Advising

In this role Barbara oversees financial aid for all graduate students at Harris, collaborates with internal and external offices on financial aid allocation and disbursement, and coordinates aid for PhD students.

Read Barbara’s bio here.


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