Prof. Michael Greenstone and co-authors finds infants born within about 2 miles of a fracking site are more likely to be classified as low birth weight, but there is no evidence of compromised infant health at further distances.
Research from Assoc. Prof. Damon Jones finds new evidence that the social security earnings test is pushing people out of the workforce prematurely.
Harris Dean Katherine Baicker finds new evidence from Oregon’s 2008 Medicaid expansion experiment that coverage increased use of medications for chronic health conditions and effectively eliminated the use of medications prescribed to others
New study from Harris Public Policy Dean Katherine Baicker and co-authors refutes a popular misperception about emergency department use
Every year companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on elections in the United States. Yet studies of roll-call votes have shown that donations to specific office holders do not regularly yield the votes donors want. So why do industries continue?
Sixty-one percent of Americans think climate change is a problem that the government needs to address, including 43 percent of Republicans and 80 percent of Democrats, according to a new survey from the Energy Policy Institute at UChicago.