Student ambassadors provide a first-hand perspective about what it's like to be a student at Harris Public Policy. Learn about their passion for public policy and Harris. Connect with one today.

Harris Ambassadors a group of students who are available share their perspective and experiences at Harris Public Policy. They are representative of the Harris student body and passionate about their areas of study as well as their experience at Harris. Whether you have questions about the classroom experience, moving to Chicago, or their policy interests, Harris Ambassadors are here to help! Connect with a current student on the phone or online.

Meet the Harris Ambassadors

Terence Chau, PhD, Class of 2022

Terence Chau, Class of 2022, PhD

Policy interests include: Migration, Labor, History

I'm interested in researching topics at the intersection of migration, labor, and history. To do so, I plan to use road-proven casual inference tools in econometrics and new, exciting tools from fields such as machine learning and natural language processing. Before coming to Harris, I interned at the UNDP and UN-ECLAC, where I researched topics in labor economics and poverty.

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Justin Douglas
Justin Douglas, MPP Class of 2021

Justin Douglas, Class of 2021, Master of Public Policy

Policy interests include: Cultural/Social Policy, Restorative Justice/Criminal Justice Reform

As a joint AM/MPP student at SSA and Harris, I am interested in better understanding how social policies at the federal, state, and local level impact the process of identity development for marginalized individuals and communities. I believe that we can be smarter about how we write and implement policies and do better in ensuring they both acknowledge these impacts and are more inclusive of diverse and intersectional experiences.

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Erick Ferrer
Erick Ferrer, EMP Class of 2021

Erick Ferrer, EMP Class of 2021, Evening Master's Program

Policy interests include: Economic and Urban Development, Sustainable Energy, Technology and Educational Policy

I’ve spent my entire career in core finance roles, studying business as an undergrad. It wasn’t until I was working with development banks to help finance wind farms and new hospital equipment in Mexico that I realized that I could use my passion for finance to leave my mark on the world. I joined Harris to continue the momentum on moving the needle. I continue to explore options that lie at the intersection of finance, technology, and social impact as I aspire to kick-start a coding trade school. Harris has been the perfect platform thus far, equipping me with new frameworks. More importantly, Harris has connected me with brilliant individuals from diverse backgrounds that all share the same passion in making a difference.

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Victor Fuentes Campos, MPP, Class of 2021

Victor Fuentes Campos, Class of 2021, Master of Public Policy

Hometown: Lima, Peru

Policy interests include: Productivity and Competitiveness, Labor Markets, Institutions

I'm an economist raised in a small town in the Peruvian highlands. Prior to becoming a Harrista, I was Head Economist of the Peruvian Institute of Economy, a leading think tank focused on market-oriented policy reforms. I joined Harris because it offered me the unique opportunity to mix two of the fields I'm most passionate about: data analytics and public policy. This knowledge will help me use evidence-based policy instruments to break the vicious cycle of low productivity and weak institutions that affect most developing countries.

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LaReyna Griffin
LaReyna Griffin, EMP Class of 2021

LaReyna Griffin, Class of 2021, Evening Master's Program

Policy interests include: Technology Policy, Urban Development, Social Policy, Inequality

Ten years into my career, I decided to learn more about the various sectors around development and Harris was the perfect choice for furthering my knowledge. I wanted to expand my knowledge of how the ever-growing technology field and emerging policies will influence our view of technology in school, development, and other fields. I plan to continue building upon my analytical and practical skills at Harris, while developing deeper relationships with the alumni and partners across the city. I know that they will be a great benefit to my experience, almost as much as my cohort.

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Heryanto Handoko, MPP, Class of 2021

Heryanto Handoko, Class of 2021, Master of Public Policy

Hometown: Medan, Indonesia

Policy interests include: Economic Development, Social Policy and Inequality

I’m originally from Medan, Indonesia and graduated from University of Sumatera Utara in 2013. Prior to Harris, I worked as an economic analyst at the Central Bank of the Republic of Indonesia. I conducted analysis and research related to the regional economic development and provided recommendations to government and stakeholders. I came to Harris to equip myself with the knowledge and skillset to further contribute to economic development and address social problems and inequality.

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Katie Levin
Katie Levin, EMP Class of 2021

Katie Levin, Class of 2021, Evening Master's Program

Policy interests include: Climate Change Mitigation, Sustainable Agriculture, Food Waste Prevention, Food Equity

I have spent the last six years working in environmental philanthropy at a family foundation. Through Harris, I am developing the tools and mindset I need to better evaluate the impact of my work and re-imagine my contribution to the philanthropic sector moving forward. Harris’ “classroom” experience and the social networks alike create cohorts of leaders equipped with the skills and resources to catalyze the change we all hope to create in and beyond Chicago.

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Roberto Lopez, EMP, Class of 2020

Roberto Lopez, Class of 2020, Evening Master's Program

Policy interests include: Economic Development, Immigration, Human Rights (LGBTQ)

Prior to Harris, I worked as an investment analyst for a bank and commercial insurance. While there, I realized my passion for helping underserved communities and joined a nonprofit providing energy efficiency to low-income neighborhoods. Harris is the perfect platform for me to explore ways of reducing inequality in our community via economic and financial instruments. So far, the cohort model offered in the Evening Programs allows me to work with fascinating people from diverse backgrounds leaving me with strong relationships that will last a lifetime.

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Molly Murray, EMP, Class of 2020

Molly Murray, Class of 2020, Evening Master's Program

Policy interests include: Health Policy

As an advocacy professional, I have spent my career helping nonprofits and trade associations advance the issues they care most about. My passion is health policy, and I currently work with a medical organization whose mission is to advance the art and science of medicine and improve patient care. Not only has Harris EMP delivered on its promise to develop quantitative skills that I can immediately apply to my work, but the cohort environment has provided the the opportunity to learn from peers and develop lifelong friendships.

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Dominique McKoy, EMP, Class of 2020

Dominique McKoy, Class of 2020, Evening Master's Program

Policy interests include: Education Policy, Housing Policy, Social Policy

After nearly ten years of working in public education, I've come to Harris in hopes of expanding my understanding of how various policy sectors influence the lives of young people every day in Chicago. In my time at Harris, I have focused on sharpening my quantitative abilities to better understand the impact of our effort as educators. I have also developed relationships across policy sectors that can help us address Chicago's persistent educational debt.

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Camila Pérez, MPP, Class of 2021

Camila Pérez, Class of 2021, Master of Public Policy

Hometown: Bogota, Colombia

Policy interests include: Conflict Studies, International Development, Peace Building, Governance

I graduated from Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia, with a degree in political science and a minor in journalism. Before coming to Harris, I worked at the Electoral Observation Mission (MOE), a Colombian NGO that fosters citizens’ political and civil rights. I managed the Political and Social Violence Observatory, analyzing how the presence of illegal armed groups and aggression towards political and social leaders affected democratic processes in Colombia. I also evaluated the institutional architecture and legal framework of the Peace Accords with the FARC guerrillas to advise the Colombian government on the implementation of democratic initiatives in fragile regions. I am currently a Fellow at the Pearson Institute for the Study and Resolution of Global Conflicts, a research assistant for the Behavioral Insights and Parenting Lab, and participate in the Basketball Intramural Tournament at the University of Chicago. 

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Nikunj Singh, MPP, Class of 2021

Nikunj Singh, Class of 2021, Master of Public Policy

Hometown: Kolkata, India

Policy interests include: Environment and Energy Policy, International Policy

Prior to Harris, I was working at International Foundation for Sustainable Development in Kolkata, India. I plan to use the skillsets I gain at Harris to resolve environmental problems and fight climate change. I believe in order to successfully build a sustainable world, we need to resolve disputes between nations to make way for mutual cooperation and that is where my interest in International Policy comes about. Harris is helping me gain the quantitative and analytical skills to make the world a better place.

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S. Twing (Zarifa Pulatova), EMP, Class of 2020

S. Twing, Class of 2020, Evening Master's Program

Policy interests include: Sustainable Development

Concurrently with my studies at Harris, I manage the implementation of USAID projects on the operation and finance fronts. As a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, I came to Harris passionate about public service, but I was unsure of which sector to focus my career. At Harris I have been exposed to a variety of public policy sectors and practitioners from my experienced cohort, all of whom have had a positive effect on my experience.

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Fanmei Xia
Fanmei Xia, MPP, Class of 2021

Fanmei Xia, Class of 2021, Master of Public Policy

Hometown: Zhengzhou, China

Policy interests include: Education Policy, Migration, Social Policy

Inspired to be an outstanding researcher and policymaker, I came to Harris to explore ways to reduce inequality and build inclusive communities. Having experienced education in China, the US, and the UK, I appreciate the integrated and outward approach to education that Harris offers. At Harris, I serve on the board of the Education Policy Student Association, Harris Student Government, and the University of Chicago Public Policy Podcast (UC3P). During my free time, I also tutor k-12 students from the South side of Chicago.

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Tianming Yang, MPP, Class of 2021

Tianming Yang, Class of 2021, Master of Public Policy

Hometown: Hangzhou, China

Policy interests include: Environment and Energy Policy, Urban Policy, Economic Development

Prior to Harris, I studied Environmental Science at Peking University in China. I am passionate about using policy instruments to tackle sustainability issues in urban settings. Harris is definitely the right place for me—not only because of its solid policy analysis methodology and academic rigor, but also because of its great commitment to the Chicago community and involvement in real-world policy issues. And with the impressive alumni network and support of the Career Development Office at Harris, I feel confident that I will reach my career goal of becoming a management consultant in the sustainability field.

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