“I wanted to be able to take data and tell a story, and that is what Harris promoted and delivered.”
“I want to be that person who can tell stories with numbers. Without a doubt, Arne Duncan helped me understand that Harris could help me become that person.”
“People are often left out of political or economic conversations because information is not accessible to them. I want to use my academic and professional background to help make information more accessible to others.”
The University of Chicago Crime Lab on May 9 launched the Community Safety Leadership Academies, which will offer first-of-their kind programs to train the next generation of policing and community violence intervention leaders from across America.
For Eduardo Cisneros, MPP ’13, and this year’s Minorities in Public Policy Studies (MiPPS) Alumni Award winner, the University of Chicago campus stretched far beyond Hyde Park. 
Alumni of the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy Evening Master’s Program (EMP) working for public safety policy reform focus much of their energies on being attentive to outcomes for community residents.