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Government is responsible for some of the opioid crisis, Philipson writes.
Harris Public Policy Professor James Robinson's book "The Narrow Corridor: States, Society, and the Fate of Liberty" was featured by Five Books as one of the best political books of 2020.
Harris Public Policy Professor William Howell was featured in AP News discussing President-Elect Joe Biden's cabinet picks and how they are informed by the moderate policy positions that won him the 2020 election.
Harris Public Policy Professor Christopher Berry was featured in Politico discussing the findings of a new working paper recently co-authored with Harris Public Policy Professors Ethan Bueno de Mesquita and Scott Ashworth.
Harris Public Policy Assistant Professor Amir Jina was featured in Gizmodo discussing his study on the economic costs of the 2018 California wildfire season and the benefits of climate policy. 
Harris Public Policy Professor Bruce Meyer was featured on CNN Business discussing the need for COVID-19 stimulus checks for low income Americans.