About Us

Prairie State Society (PSS) provides Harris students an introduction to the State of Illinois, hosting speakers, faculty and panelists to discuss and debate the happenings in state-level government and beyond. With PSS, Harris students explore state policies in conversation with state politics. As states and cities continue to play a larger role in the governance ecosystem, understanding state-level dynamics will be essential for recognizing national trends. PSS offers a forum both for newcomers as well as long-time Illinoisans to engage with the state beyond the limits of Hyde Park, and learn how cities, collars, and counties together compose the Prairie State.

Contact Information

Pat Hanley (President) - procquehanley@uchicago.edu

Courtney Jacquin (Vice President - External Affairs) - cjacquin@uchicago.edu

Dan Snow (Vice President - Internal Affairs - dfsnow@uchicago.edu)

Allison Von Borstel (Treasurer) - avonborstel@uchicago.edu

Ryan FitzSimon (Secretary) - fitzsimons@uchicago.edu