Do you want to feel more engaged in our surrounding communities? Want to develop valuable experience in Public Sector Consulting and Management?  Join the Community Action Bureau (CAB)a joint project of PPR and the University of Chicago Office of Civic Engagement. 

About Us

The Community Action Bureau partners with South Side Chicago organizations focused on communities and their development in order to advance effective, impactful public policy. We are policy entrepreneurs who believe that the best and most thoughtful solutions to community issues are generated by community members, and who believe that civic engagement is central to our Harris training.


As part of the programmatic arm of the Project for Political Reform (formally the Center for Policy Entrepreneurship), CAB offered Harris students a series of Autumn Quarter local-legislative skills workshops. In the Winter and Spring Quarters, a select, committed team of students is partnering with local organizations to develop and advocate for legislation and policy solutions to community issues.

Past Workshops

I.  Lobbying in Illinois
Participants will gain insight on the time-tested relationships with elected officials which are crucial to lobbyists’ successes in Springfield and with other state/local-level legislative bodies. Colleen Daley’s workshop will demonstrate the importance of client representation in issue advocacy - and will explain how to avoid PR landmines along the way.

II. Crafting Viable Legislation
This session will begin with a general discussion of Illinois politics and how they affect public policy in a very diverse state, then will dive into the mechanics of writing a bill. Mike Reever’s workshop will pay special attention to the state legislative process - not only to how legislation is crafted, but to stakeholder considerations and to procedural issues and resolutions in the sometimes-querulous statehouse.

III. Writing Memos that Change Minds
We will discuss how to effectively draft policy on the state level while preserving whatever original, sound public policy initiated that legislation in the first place. Ali Liepsiger’s workshop will cover research methods, stakeholder engagement, the importance of co-sponsorship, and how to keep it all moving just when you think a policy proposal’s about to go off the rails.

Contact Information

Andrew Yaspan, Primary Student Contact

Ryan Priester, Secondary Student Contact