Black History Month

Moss’ message of hope and momentum came as the Harris School concluded its Black History Month events with Feb. 23’s “Love, Justice, and Looking Toward the Future.”
"Though we have made tremendous advances over the years, the fight for equal protection under the law, health equity, and access to quality education is still very much alive and is being lifted up by a new class of leaders," Marshall writes.
"The word 'policy' makes me cringe," Cole writes.
“Racism vs. Humanity: Can the Movement Transcend the Moment?” discussion was the third in a series of Harris Black History Month events, all of which center on the power of social movements.
“I'm an optimist,” said Cobb, “but I have the optimism of a boxer in the late rounds. You've absorbed a lot of pain and a lot of difficulty, but if you're still on your feet, there's still a chance that you can win.”
Glaude, the James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor in the Department of African American Studies at Princeton University, entwined history, policy, and politics for the sweeping view he provided at a recent Harris event.