Admissions Events

Credential Program Events

Attend an event with Harris School of Public Policy to meet us and learn more about our credential programs.

You can also watch our recent webinars to learn more about the program.

The eight-week Data Analytic Credential (DAC) Program teaches students and working professionals a foundation in data analytics and R programming.
The seven-week Data and Policy Summer Scholar Program (DPSS) is a unique opportunity for students and young professionals to gain a foundation in data analytics, R programming and policy research implementation.
In this information session, hear from the Persuasive Writing Credential Program Director about the academics, admissions process and more.
Ask Admissions is a space for you to connect with a member of the Credential Programs Admissions Team.
Meet alumni of the Persuasive Writing Credential Program.
In this information session, hear from the Credential Programs Assistant Director discuss the different programs, referencing the different coursework, schedules, and admission processes.