Approved Methods courses:

Human Development Research Design ANTH 20100
Ethnographic Methods ANTH 21420
The Struggle for the University: Critical Scholarship and Research ANTH 22742
Mathematical Modeling for Pre-med Students BIOS 20172
Microbial 'Omics BIOS 25420
Epidemiology and Population Health: Global Health Sciences I BIOS 27810
Financial Econometrics BUSN 20820
Energy Policy Practicum BUSN 33700
Human Development Research Designs in Social Sciences CHDV 20100
Methods that Matter in the Social Sciences CHDV 21940
Machine Learning CMSC 25400
Empirical Methods for Social Science Research ECON 21050
Human Development Research Design EDSO 20100
Introduction to Statistical Concepts and Methods EDSO 20250
Qualitative Inquiry and Research EDSO 23413
Introduction to Population ENST 20500
Environmental Effects on Human Health ENST 25460
Chicago Neighborhoods ENST 26000
Practicum in Campus Athletics and Environment ENST 26444
Where We Come From: Methods & Materials in the Study of Immigration ENST 27210
Urban Spatial Archaeology I GEOG 20273
Introduction to Spatial Data Source GEOG 20500
Intro to Geographic Information Systems GEOG 28201
Geographic Information Science I GEOG 28202
Introduction to GIS and Spatial Analysis GEOG 28702
Doing Fieldwork: Mobilizing Ethnography to Investigate a Radically Transforming Global World GLST 26275
Introduction to Programming for Public Policy PPHA 30550
Survey Research Overview MAPS 30900
Clinical and Health Services Research: Methods and Applications PBPL 23007
Justice, Equity, and Opportunity: Shifting Approaches to Criminal Justice Reform PBPL 23300
Introduction to Urban Sciences PBPL 24605
The Business of Non-Profits: The Evolving Social Sector PBPL 24751
Environmental Justice Field Research Project PBPL 26200/26300
Field Research Project in Public Policy PBPL 26301
Public Policy Practicum: Interview Project on Gun Violence PBPL 26302
Public Policy Practicum: Interview Project on Urban Education PBPL 26303
Public Policy Practicum: Interview Project on Policing PBPL 26304
Environmental Justice Field Research Project II PBPL 26355
Practicum in Environmental Management PBPL 26433
Urban Design with Nature PBPL 27156
Research in School Improvement PBPL 27919
Social Experiments: Design and Generalization PBPL 28550
Introduction to Program Evaluation PBPL 28633
Mixed Methods Approaches to Public Policy Research PBPL 28640
The Art and Science of Negotiations and Persuasion PBPL 28780
Artificial Intelligence for Public Policy PBPL 28829
Inequality, Household Finance, and Tax Policy PBPL 29404
The Practice of Social Science Research PLSC 22913
Introduction of Political Theory PLSC 28701
Program Evaluation PPHA 34600
Psychological Research Methods PSYC 20200
Introduction to Statistical Concepts and Methods PSYC 20250
Big Data in the Psychological Sciences PSYC 26010
Sociological Methods SOCI 20001
Statistical Methods of Rsch-1 SOCI 20004
Applications of Hierarchical Linear Models SOCI 20112
Qualitative Field Methods SOCI 20140
Computing for the Social Sciences SOCI 20278
Survey Research Practicum SOCI 20284
Working with Found Data: Library/Internet Research SOCI 20508
Digital Lives, Virtual Societies: Rethinking Qualitative Methodologies SOCI 20516
Social Networks and Social Capital SOCI 28075
A Mixed-Methods Introduction to Criminal Justice in Chicago SOCI 28083
Models and Experimental Design STAT 222 Li
Applied Regression Analysis STAT 22400
Biostatistical Methods STAT 22700
Environmental Justice Field Research Project PBPL 26255/26355
Practicum in Campus Athletics and Environment PBPL 26444