Women in Public Policy


Women in Public Policy (WIPP) facilitates committees and activities that promote advancement of girls and women through thoughtful consideration of public policies and their social implications. We seek to achieve these goals through professional development and alumni networking, academic development, advocacy and community outreach. Drawing from the broad academic disciplines at the University of Chicago, this student-run organization serves as a resource to provide an opportunity for a student voice for women. WIPP is open to all interested women and men and encourages students with diverse experiences to work together to create a world more balanced in opportunity

Academic Development Committee
The Academic Development Committee aims to further the advancement of women’s issues in public policy through academic discussion by:

  • Facilitating open consideration of policy issues relating to women by sponsoring brownbag discussions and guest speakers
  • Developing new gender-related courses and materials for classroom use
  • Facilitating gender-related research, case studies and fellowships
  • Working with other University of Chicago departments, e.g. Center for Gender Studies, to coordinate other gender-related courses
  • Organizing female faculty in academia to share gender-related research and seeking out female students interested in pursing academic careers focusing on women's issues and policy

Advocacy & Community Outreach Committee
The Advocacy & Community Outreach Committee promotes the advancement of women's leadership by strengthening grassroots advocacy of women through the mobilization and by facilitating open dialogue of women's issues through seminars and community outreach with the following objectives in mind:

  • Advance women's leadership in the public arena
  • Monitor, review and inform the public on policies that impact women
  • Facilitate grassroots organizing and advocacy around local, national and international issues that affect women
  • Promote discussion on policies affecting women by hosting debates featuring political candidates, research scholars, local community organizers
  • Educate the public on the positions of political leaders and local candidates running for office
  • Mentor girls and women to promote personal development and self-esteem
  • Empower women in traditional and nontraditional institutions, ranging from the workplace to the home environment
  • Facilitate partnerships and volunteer opportunities with Chicago-area social service and other non-profit organizations

Professional Development Committee
It is the goal of the Professional Development Committee to foster the career goals of women in public policy, through working relationships with University of Chicago alumni, prospective employers, and Chicago Harris administration. The Committee seeks to:

  • Provide mentoring for women interested in pursuing careers in public policy
  • Create and maintain a database of employers with family-friendly work atmospheres
  • Sponsor workshops and speakers that address professional issues facing women in public policy
  • Work with the Chicago Harris Career Services office to encourage employers that encourage women and minority applicants to recruit from Chicago Harris

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