Harris Food Policy Advocacy Group


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Saru Jayaraman is a graduate of Yale Law School and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. After 9/11, she co-founded an organization called the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) together with restaurant workers displaced from the World Trade Center that has grown into a national organization with 10,000 restaurant worker members in 19 cities, advocating for better working conditions in the restaurant industry and throughout the food chain. Saru will also be speaking at the Harold Washington Library that evening. University of Chicago students and faculty are encouraged to attend.


About FoPo

The mission of the Harris Food Policy Advocacy Group (FOPO) is to facilitate students' knowledge of, and engagement in the local, national, and global community on issues regarding food policy. FOPO hosts guest lectures and film screenings, community outreach and volunteering projects, and social events centered on local, sustainable food sources. Topics pertinent to Food Policy include: nutrition, school lunches, food safety, food access, food subsidies and their influence on food supply, urban farming, CSAs, farmers markets, international food security, and more.