Eman Alsamara, Assistant Director of Academic Advising, Dean of Students Office at Harris Public Policy, is this year’s recipient of the University of Chicago’s Marlene F. Richman Award for Excellence and Dedication in Service to Students.
“In order to really help people, I need to look at why they are in certain situations in the first place and what systems put them there. That’s what got me into policy.”
Executive Director of the Behavioral Insights and Parenting Lab shares her career, motivations, and perspective on the Lab’s important mission.
“The skills that I’ve learned through the credential programs demonstrate that I can not only make data-informed policy recommendations, but that I can also communicate them in a convincing way.”
The authors’ previous analyses have found that Medicaid increases healthcare use across settings, improves financial security, and reduces depression, but has no detectable effects on several physical health outcomes.
Misinformation, falsification of the facts or “at best, the presentation of half of the story,” are among the worst manifestations of the ongoing conflict in Yemen, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Yemeni journalist Tawakkol Karman said.