A new study finds that the administrative burdens created when physicians and insurers haggle over reimbursement payments result in substantial lost revenue for healthcare providers.
Frank and his co-author, Ann Ferris, examined the impacts on the timber sector of the 1990 listing of the northern spotted owl as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, specifically changes in industry employment.
More than half of people residing in homeless shelters in the United States had formal earnings in the same year they were homeless, according to a new study that deepens understanding of housing insecurity in the U.S.
For much of American history, the books that children read have largely centered on white, male characters—but is that starting to change? Not very much, and not very quickly, suggests new research from the University of Chicago.
As the Biden administration moves to remove forces from Afghanistan on Sept. 11, putting an end to the United States’ longest war, a new research study brings to light troubling realities about the insurgency’s reaction to previous troop withdrawals.
A new working paper from Asst. Prof. Yana Gallen of Harris Public Policy revealed that female students regularly receive different messages than their male counterparts—ones that potentially dissuade women from pursuing their intended career paths.