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In the News

Brett Goldstein on training tech-savvy policy leaders through CAPP

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Training Future Leaders to Master Policy and IT
via - Governing

Anthony Fowler on marginal voter behavior

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Marginal voters are much more likely to vote Democratic, and to stay at home on off-year elections.
via - London School of Economics

James Heckman on the importance of early education initiatives

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Do Politicians Love Kids?
via - New York Times

Michael Greenstone on economic solutions to emissions reduction

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How to Make the Clean Power Plan Affordable
via - Scientific American

William Howell on direct presidential power

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The Only Man Who Can Fix Mass Incarceration Is Barack Obama
via - The Atlantic

Governor-Elect Rauner selects Chicago Harris Visiting Committee members John Gates and Ron Gidwitz for transition team

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4 key advisers who will help shape Rauner's administration
via - Chicago Tribune

Anthony Fowler on political information and voter attitudes

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Nov. 6: Election Coverage, Uninformed Voters, Stars, MidEast Affairs
via - BYU Radio Morning Show

Generous gifts to fund new home for Chicago Harris

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U. of C.'s public policy school gets new building, new direction
via - Chicago Tribune

Ariel Kalil on behavioral insights into family planning

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Behavioral Insights and Family Planning
via - Brookings Institution