Will I be able to meet with faculty and staff in person?

Details about faculty and staff’s return to the Keller Center are still being finalized. Students who are able to be on campus may be able to meet with faculty and staff in-person at the Keller Center starting in September. However, it is important to note that some faculty and staff may be unable to meet in person due to a variety of reasons, including health concerns and the need to reduce the overall density of people in the Keller Center.

Evening Master’s Program Students can reach out to faculty and staff to request in-person meetings, which could take place at the Keller Center or another mutually agreed-upon location.

Any in-person meetings will need to incorporate all mandatory safety measures, including wearing masks and being at least 6 feet apart. Given these constraints, longer meetings, especially academic and career advising meetings, should be held virtually whenever possible, and some offices will not be able to be used for meetings.