What happens if I get sick or a loved one gets sick with COVID-19 and I need to take a leave of absence or withdraw?

When a student becomes sick with any illness or experiences a personal or family emergency we have a number of options available to support them. The first thing that a student should always do is reach out to their academic advisor, who can help talk them through options and make outreach to their instructors on their behalf, if needed.

Which options will work best depends on the severity of the illness, the time in the quarter it occurs, how much work the student has missed, and the nature of each course. Some options include: requesting extensions or adjustments to assignments, requesting an incomplete in the course(s) and finishing the work after the end of the quarter, or withdrawing from the course.

When a student needs to withdraw due to a severe illness or personal emergency, the Dean of Students can approve a retroactive withdrawal, which refunds the tuition paid for the course(s). When facing an illness or personal emergency, we want to remove all barriers to allow the student to focus on recovery and will do all that we can to support students in these situations.