Alumni of the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy Evening Master’s Program (EMP) working for public safety policy reform focus much of their energies on being attentive to outcomes for community residents.
For a person whose work focuses on hazardous waste, contaminated water, and widespread natural disasters, J. Alfredo Gómez, AM’91, has a pretty sunny disposition.
Over the next few weeks, the City of Chicago is accepting applications to one of the most ambitious guaranteed income programs in the United States.
Hosted by the Organization of Black Students (OBS) in partnership with the Harris School of Public Policy, the in-person and livestreamed 90-minute event featured the lecture, a discussion led by OBS Political Chair Jordyn Varise, and a Q&A session.
Chasse Rehwinkel, MPP’15, was not long out of Gettysburg College when he began his first government job. In an alderman’s office, he answered residents’ requests for sidewalks and streetlights. Just 10 years later, Rehwinkel is State Banking Director.
When Kathy Im, MPP’97, co-founded the Chicago Policy Review in 1996, she envisioned it as an important complement to the Harris School of Public Policy’s otherwise very quantitative-focused curriculum.