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Dean Daniel Diermeier weighs in on the corporate response to Anthem's security breach

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Crisis of the Week: Anthem’s Breach Response Evaluated
via - Wall Street Journal

Chicago Harris Gary Project helps survey abandoned properties in Gary, IN

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Gary Survey Finds 6,300 Vacant Homes; 550 Vacant Businesses
via - CBS Chicago

Anthony Fowler's research on African-American voting patterns

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The Mystery of Lower Voter Registration for Older Black Voters
via - New York Times

Roger Myerson on the geopolitics of the Greek fiscal crisis

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Varoufakis faces challenge of turning game theory into triumph
via - Financial Times

Distinguished Senior Fellow David Axelrod discusses career and new book

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David Axelrod Recounts His Years As Obama's Adviser And 'Believer'
via - NPR

James Heckman's findings on early childhood investments

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How Democrats Became the Child-Care Party
via - New York Magazine

Rayid Ghani and Brett Goldstein on training government-savvy data scientists

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The Unplumbed Depths of Government Data
via - Vice

Lisa Ellman, MPP'05, is helping shape US policy on drones

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Obama's former law student is shaping the nation's policy on drones
via - Fortune

Jens Ludwig and research from James Heckman on closing the math gap

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Closing the Math Gap for Boys
via - New York Times