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Economist Dean Karlan, MPP/MBA’97, on how charities can increase donors' contributions

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How Charities Can Get More Out of Donors
via - Wall Street Journal

Tomas Philipson compares US and European healthcare expenditures

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Are Europeans Spending Too Little On Health Care Compared To The US?
via - Forbes

Distinguished Senior Fellow Richard M. Daley on the importance of recruiting international students

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Foreign Students: A Significant But Unrecognized Global Asset
via - Forbes

Azeem Ibrahim on the treatment of Western ISIL fighters

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Returning Isil fighters should be deported to the countries where they committed their atrocities
via - The Telegraph

Rebecca Sive on engaging women in politics

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7 Strategies for Stepping Up Our Political Women
via - Women's eNews

Brett Goldstein on training tech-savvy policy leaders through CAPP

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Training Future Leaders to Master Policy and IT
via - Governing

Postdoctoral student Andreas Steinmayr on welfare effects of emigration

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Invisible sample selection: Why you should care about those who leave when you are interested in those left behind
via - The World Bank

Tomas Philipson suggests a new way to look at health insurance

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Why No One On This Planet Has Health Insurance
via - Forbes

Anthony Fowler on marginal voter behavior

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Marginal voters are much more likely to vote Democratic, and to stay at home on off-year elections.
via - London School of Economics