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Kerwin Charles unpacks the social costs of America's 1.5 million missing black men

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1.5 Million Missing Black Men
via - New York Times

Jens Ludwig finds that homeowner subsidies exceed affordable housing spending

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The U.S. Spends Far More on Homeowner Subsidies Than It Does on Affordable Housing
via - Citylab

Ioana Marinescu on the driving forces behind rising wages

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US wage hikes: real progress for workers or publicity stunt?
via - Yahoo! Finance

Tomas Philipson looks at the alleged productivity crisis in pharmaceuticals

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Should Investors Pay Attention To The Alleged Productivity Crises In Pharma?
via - Forbes

Ariel Kalil on how parents' time affects child development

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Yes, Your Time as a Parent Does Make a Difference
via - New York Times

Research by Elizabeth Kneebone, MPP'03, finds growing commute length

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Our commutes to work are getting longer, study says
via - CNN

Ariel Kalil finds “light-touch, low-cost” parenting tools

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Minding the gap
via - University of Chicago Magazine

Michael Belsky assesses Chicago mayoral candidates' fiscal plans

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Analyzing the Mayoral Candidates Financial Plans
via - Chicago Tonight

Rebecca Sive on celebrating women in leadership

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Women in Politics Matter -- Even When They're Not Women's Advocates
via - Huffington Post

James Heckman's work on non-cognitive skills used to assess Chicago's alternative high schools

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Can Chicago’s Alternative High Schools Measure Up?
via - Chicago Magazine