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Prof. Chris Blattman finds low-paying factory jobs improve worker outcomes more than expected

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New research finds sweatshops may be a necessary evil in the development of economies
via - Quartz

Prof. Ofer Malamud suggests a novel policy to reform student debt

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Fixing student loans—the right way
via - Brookings Institution

Energy Policy Institute forum explores energy policy positions of presidential candidates

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Climate Change Can't Get Traction In This Election, But Clean Energy Can
via - Forbes

Prof. Anthony Fowler's research on the consequences of increased voter participation

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Don’t Like the Candidates? Vote Anyway
via - New York Times

Amanda Kass, Assistant Director of the Center for Municipal Finance, examines the causes of Illinois' pension crisis

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News Analysis: Massive State and Local Pension Debt Often Means Higher Taxes
via - Tax Analysts

Public Radio International CEO Alisa Miller, MBA/MPP'99, proposes a novel way to improve newsroom diversity

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News Media Is Overwhelmingly White: How to Fix It
via - Fortune

Prof. Michael Greenstone on American support for a carbon tax policy

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Americans Appear Willing to Pay for a Carbon Tax Policy
via - New York Times

Prof. Amy Claessens and fellow researchers encourage parents to treat early math education seriously

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Teaching parents to talk math with their kids
via - Boston Globe

Sam Ori, MPP'03, cites research from Profs. Michael Greenstone and Koichiro Ito on willingness to pay to fight climate change

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How Much Will Americans Pay to Battle Climate Change? Not Much
via - Wall Street Journal

Joseph Schwieterman, PhD'90, on Chicago's first 'shared street'

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'Shared street' on Argyle is off to bumpy start
via - Chicago Tribune