The Political Economy Workshop is a forum for theoretical and empirical research at the intersection of economics and political science. The workshop draws presenters from around the world and participants from around the University with a wide range of substantive interests. The Political Economy Workshop meets in Room 140B at Harris on Thursdays from 12:00-1:20 p.m. The faculty organizer is Anthony Fowler.

2016–17 Workshops

October 13 Anne Meng
October 20 Uri Simonsohn
October 27 Bryony Reich
November 3 Micael Castanheria
November 10 Giacomo Ponzetto
December 1 Thomas Fugiwara
December 9 Gabriele Gratton
January 5 German Gieczewski
January 12 Ruben Enikolopov
January 19 Camilo Garcia-Jimeno
February 2 Brenton Kenkel
February 23 Matias Iaryczower
March 2 Mary McGrath
March 9 Cyrus Samii
March 30 Paul Novosad
April 20 Hulya Eraslan
May 11 Alessandro Lizzeri
May 18 John Matsusaka
May 25 Shigeo Hirano

Political Economy Lunch

The Political Economy Lunch meets on the first Friday of every month, and on additional Fridays as needed. The lunch in intended as an informal setting in which graduate students and faculty can present and receive feedback on early stage and ongoing research. We welcome empirical or theoretical work linked in any way to politics or political economy. The PE lunch is also an excellent venue for practice job talks. Graduate students and faculty from any part of the University are welcome to attend, though please contact us in advance if you haven't been a regular.

If you would like to be added to the PE Lunch mailing list, please contact Ethan Bueno de Mesquita at


October 7 Dan Alexander
October 21 Peter Evangelakis
October 28 Kai Yang
November 4 Milena Ang
November 11 Mathieu Cloutier
November 18 Christian Salas Pauliac
December 2 Alice Hsiaw (with Ing-Haw Cheng)
January 13 CANCELLED
January 20 Peter Buisseret and Richard Van Weelden
January 27 Peter Buisseret
February 3 CANCELLED
February 10 Kara Ross Camerena
February 17 Monika Nalepa
February 24 Congyi Zhou
March 3 No meeting
March 10 Thiemo Fetzer
March 31 Ria Ivandic
April 7 Dan Xie
April 14 Wioletta Dziuda
April 21 Frederica Izzo
April 28 Chris Berry and Anthony Fowler
May 5 Monika Nalepa
May 12 Robert Gulotty
May 19 Maria Bautista
May 26 Congyi Zhou
June 2 Thiemo Fetzer