Fall 2021: Student Life FAQ Student Worker

What does the availability of student worker roles at Harris and at the University look like for the upcoming academic year?

We anticipate that the availability of student employment will be about the same as in previous years. Harris will advertise positions we become aware of via the student email listserv and/or student newsletter. Students should also check the University student employment website.

Fall 2020: Student Life FAQ Meet Staff Faculty

Will I be able to meet with faculty and staff in person?

Details about faculty and staff’s return to the Keller Center are still being finalized. Students who are able to be on campus may be able to meet with faculty and staff in-person at the Keller Center starting in September. However, it is important to note that some faculty and staff may be unable to meet in person due to a variety of reasons, including health concerns and the need to reduce the overall density of people in the Keller Center.

Evening Master’s Program Students can reach out to faculty and staff to request in-person meetings, which could take place at the Keller Center or another mutually agreed-upon location.

Any in-person meetings will need to incorporate all mandatory safety measures, including wearing masks and being at least 6 feet apart. Given these constraints, longer meetings, especially academic and career advising meetings, should be held virtually whenever possible, and some offices will not be able to be used for meetings.

Fall 2021: Student Life FAQ New Student

As a new student, how will I meet and make connections with my fellow students?

One of the key ways that we help students start to make connections with one another is through our Polis Program. Each student in the entire incoming class, across all full-time degree programs, is  grouped into one of 15 smaller communities, or a polis; each named after one of Chicago’s vibrant neighborhoods. Each Polis is led by an Orientation Leader (OL), who is a second-year Harris student. Your Polis is designed to be as diverse as our student body, with students from different degree programs, ages, races, and countries of origin. You’ll be notified which Polis you are in in late Spring, and you’ll be invited to virtual happy hours with your OL and the other students in your Polis over the summer. Take advantage of this time to get to know these “first friends” because you’ll be participating in activities with them not just during new student orientation, but also occasionally throughout your entire time at Harris.

We also want to make sure that all students, regardless of their location, have informal ways to interact with one another about both academics and other interests. We will provide students access to Slack, an instant messenger platform. Slack is intended to be primarily for social interactions, and we’ll have channels for different policy areas of interest, Harris student organizations, and degree programs.

Of course, Harris Student Organizations (HSOs) play a key role in facilitating student engagement and connection. We have more than 30 current HSOs on a variety of policy areas and identity groups. We will share more information about how to engage with HSOs later in the summer, and HSO events and programming will resume when the academic year begins in late September.

We also strongly encourage you to attend the many virtual and in-person events put on by Harris both over the summer and throughout the orientation experience. We think you’ll find that our events not only provide engaging content and learning opportunities, but provide a way to make connections with other Harris students. Over the summer, event invitations will be sent via email. Once the school year starts and we have more events each week you’ll learn about events through our app, HarrisHub, and also in our twice-weekly student newsletter.

Fall 2021: Student Life FAQ Activities

Will there be in-person events in the Autumn quarter?

Gatherings on campus including at Harris will be limited based on parameters from the City of Chicago, the State of Illinois, and the University. Harris is hopeful that we will be able to offer in-person events in the autumn quarter. However, it is probable that we will continue to have restrictions on event size and eating and drinking at events to protect the safety of our community.

Fall 2021: Student Life FAQ More Questions

If I have more questions, who can I ask?

Once you have been assigned an academic advisor, they will always be the best person to go to with any questions. If you’re an incoming student and have not yet received your advisor assignment, you can submit a question via email to harrisorientation@uchicago.edu and a member of the Harris Orientation team will get back to you.