Fall 2020: EMP: Delivered

How will EMP classes be delivered?

EMP Courses during Autumn 2020 will be delivered remotely, similar to the full-time "core" courses.

Fall 2020: EMP: In-Person

Will there be in-person components for EMP classes for Autumn quarter? If so, when and where can I expect those components to take place?

No. There will not be in-person elements for EMP courses during Autumn Quarter. All courses will be conducted virtually. Any in-person programming activities will be completely optional.

Fall 2020: EMP: Activities

For EMP non-course-related program activities, where can I expect those to take place?

The EMP programming schedule will include a mix of virtual and in-person activities. We are currently exploring a range of locations for the in-person activities that adhere to public health guidelines for safety. Those activities will likely take place on weekends.

Fall 2020: EMP: Community

I’m an Evening Master’s Program student. How will I interact with the Harris community outside of the EMP?

Before classes start, one of the key ways that we help students start to make connections with one another is through orientation. Cohorts will be grouped into smaller squads of about 8 students each. Each cohort is led by an Orientation Leader (OL), who is an EMP student. You’ll be notified which orientation cohort you are in on the week of July 27, and shortly thereafter you’ll be invited to a virtual session with your OL and the other students in your cohort. Once classes start, students will build their strongest bonds by actively engaging in their courses. During your first quarter, in Leadership and Negotiations, you will be split into small groups to do mock negotiations nearly every week. We find, whether in person or online, this course is instrumental to building relationship and defining the cohort connection.

EMP uses Slack, an instant messenger platform. New EMP students have been given access to the EMP workspace and have been encouraged to post in their cohort channel. Slack is intended to be primarily for social interactions. For those who are interested, we will also make the broader Harris Slack workspace available.

To build connections with full-time Harris students, we recommend you consider getting involved with Harris Student Organizations (HSOs). We have more than 30 current HSOs on a variety of policy areas and identity groups. More information about how to engage with Harris Student Organizations will be available later in the summer, and HSO events and programming will resume in a primarily virtual format when the academic year begins in late September. 

We also strongly encourage you to attend the many virtual events put on by Harris both over the summer and throughout the academic year. We think you’ll find that our events not only provide engaging content and learning opportunities, but provide a way to make connections with other Harris students. Over the summer, event invitations will be sent via email. Once the school year starts and we have more events each week, you’ll learn about events through our app, HarrisHub, and via the EMP Slack workspace channel #harriswideevents.

Fall 2020: EMP: Keller

Do I have access to the Keller Center as an EMP student? How does an EMP student access the Keller Center?

Yes, Evening Master's Program students are welcome at the Keller Center. You'll need to use your student ID to enter. We will send information about your student ID card later in the summer, as well as more details regarding open dates and access protocols to the building in accordance with public health guidelines.

Fall 2020: EMP: 1871

As an EMP student, am I still able to access 1871?

No, with EMP autumn courses entirely remote, we will not be returning to 1871. We are actively looking for the next home of the EMP for when we are able to resume in-person classes in accordance with public health and University guidelines.

Fall 2020: EMP: 1871 Membership

As an EMP student, do I still have an 1871 night and weekend membership?

No, because we will not be returning to 1871, our memberships there are no longer in effect. 

Fall 2020: EMP: 1871 Refund

As an EMP student, can I get a refund for no longer having a night and weekend membership?

No. The reason is that we were not charged a line item for memberships. It was a benefit of being an 1871 tenant.