Impact Lab Map

New Lab to Assess the Real-World Costs of Climate Change

Climate Impact Lab rolls out its first set of data in interactive map, featured in the New York Times.
Professor Chris Berry

Professor Chris Berry's Property Tax Research Encourages Cook County Commissioner to Demand Answers

Cook County Commissioner seeks answers on unfair property tax assessments
Steve Cicala

Assistant Professor Steve Cicala Discusses Advances in the Coal Sector

The coal market is set to collapse by 2040 as solar and wind dominate
Prof. Michael Greenstone

Professor Michael Greenstone Discusses Pollution Rating System in India

Maharashtra has India's Worst Air Quality Index, not Delhi
Prof. Ryan Kellogg

Professor Ryan Kellogg Analyzes Inadequate Financing of Fracking Disaster Insurance

Another fracking time bomb lurks beneath the U.S.
Prof. Michael Greenstone

Professor Michael Greenstone Examines Effects of Environmental Regulation on Employment

Experts says U.S. leaving Paris climate deal wouldn't likely add jobs
Harris Public Policy Professor Jeffrey Grogger

Professor Jeffrey Grogger Discusses Rationales Behind Welfare Reform

Why work requirement became a theme of the Trump budget
Illinois State Budget

Assistant Director of the Center for Municipal Finance Amanda Kass Discusses Illinois' Budget

Why Illinois' non-budget is actually the worst budget ever
Assistant Professor Ioana Marinescu

Assistant Professor Ioana Marinescu Discusses Research on Universal Basic Income

Will a basic income mean the end of work? Don’t get too excited