At Harris Public Policy, we’re committed to your success. To help make the most of your experience, we offer the following academic support programs. 

Pre-Orientation Programs

Academic English Pre-matriculation Program
August 4 – August 25

The University of Chicago's Academic English Pre-matriculation Program is an approximately three-week summer program designed to support incoming international students who are not fluent in English. The program seeks to:

  • Improve speaking proficiency in academic and professional contexts
  • Develop skills needed to succeed in a rigorous academic environment
  • Introduce the cultural and professional resources at the University of Chicago
  • Expose incoming students to the rich culture of historic and present-day Chicago

If you are required to attend you will be contacted directly by Harris administration and registered for the program.

Harris Mathematics Pre-Core Program
August 28 – September 15

The Harris’ Mathematics Pre-Core Program (commonly called Math Camp) is a three-week review course designed to ensure that incoming Master's students are proficient in algebra and calculus. The course prepares students for the mandatory math exam, which is held during orientation week. One core faculty member leads the course with the support of several teaching assistants. An algebra pre-test is administered on the first day of the course. Students who pass the pre-test are exempt from algebra coursework during the Harris Mathematics Pre-Core Program.

Incoming students who have not used mathematics skills recently may find it beneficial to enroll in a college-level algebra or calculus course in a local college or through online course platforms. If the principles encountered in the mathematics self-assessment aren't familiar, we highly recommend taking a course before coming to Harris. Information regarding how to register for the program will be made available soon.

Writing Program

The Harris School Writing Program is designed to help students write for a public policy audience, from academic papers to policy memos. We work with professors to develop and evaluate writing-focused assignments in Core Curriculum classes, although assistance is not limited to Core classes. To help students advance their writing skills and effectively communicate evidence-based policy analysis, we:

  • provide detailed feedback on written assignments
  • host office hours to provide one-on-one assistance
  • conduct workshops on special skills

The Harris School Writing Program is comprised of a Director and six Teaching Assistants who are also available for private tutoring.