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Prof. Michael Greenstone testifies at Congressional hearing on social cost of carbon

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Members of Congress met to discuss the costs of climate change. They ended up debating its existence.
via - Washington Post

Prof. Michael Greenstone discusses India’s environmental and energy challenges

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Supply of green energy at affordable cost is a challenge: Greenstone
via - Indian Express

Exec. Dir. Michael Belsky on Illinois' fiscal shame spiral

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Here's a way to stop Illinois' fiscal shame spiral
via - Crain's

Prof. William Howell discusses unilateral politics

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William G. Howell: Unilateral Politics Revisited (and Revised) under Trump
via - Princeton University Press

Provost Daniel Diermeier’s typology of boycotts

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Uber and Starbucks Protests Show Boycotts Need More Than a Hashtag
via - New York Times

Prof. William Howell examines turmoil of early Trump administration

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Uber CEO Leaves Trump’s Advisory Council Amid Controversy
via - Bloomberg

Alumni-founded startup BallotReady announces expansion plans

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Voter Education Platform BallotReady Will Expand to All 50 States by 2018
via - ChicagoInno

Lect. Michael Belsky analyzes unusual disagreement between ratings agencies

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Fitch takes on Moody's over assessment of Chicago Public Schools
via - Reuters

Prof. William Howell on America's antiquated constitution

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America’s antiquated constitution
via - Prospect