Chicago Harris Magazine - Fall/Winter 2014

Welcoming Dean Diermeier, who started his tenure on September 1.
Recognizing a pivotal moment in the school's history.
The Computational Analysis and Public Policy master's program welcomes its inaugural class.
Michael Greenstone is new to the Energy Policy Institute at Chicago, but his roots here run deep.
Labour Party candidate Ed Miliband wants to bring a little hope and change to the 2015 British elections.
Data from a parcel survey designed by Chicago Harris students enable the city to tackle blight.
A $3 million pledge, a crisis management program and more.
To education entrepreneur Dennis Keller, Chicago Harris is an "underburnished jewel." With his landmark $20 million gift to the school, he's helping it shine in a new home.
"I have watched with pride as Chicago Harris has grown, and our family is proud to contribute to its future."
Chicago Harris aims to raise $74 million to support key investment areas.
The Visiting Committee member helped kick off Chicago Harris’ capital campaign with a gift – and a challenge.
Inside the struggle to raise awareness about food insecurity.
An innovative research project is testing whether behavioral science can succeed where traditional policies have failed.
A growing cohort of Harris faculty are testing the relationship between economics, policy and behavior.
A new study finds that African Americans who left the South in the early twentieth century died younger than those who stayed.
With a $6 million grant, David Meltzer is testing a model that could improve treatment and lower costs.
Students in India benefit from sanitation facilities.
For Nancy Staudt, a Harris PhD was the key to deeper understanding of the law - and a great career move.
“In Pakistan,” C. Christine Fair, AM’97, explains in her perceptive new book, the army is “the supreme manager of the state’s affairs.”
Lively conversation at a happy hour in Chicago, exploring the impact of data-driven journalism in DC.
New data create a nuanced picture of the arts sector in Chicago and peer cities around the nation.