Staff Directory

Daniel Allen
Associate Dean for Development
Room: 203
Leslie Andersen
Associate Director of Career Development
Room: 130C
Brigid Balcom
Business Administrator for Development
Room: 206
Fay Booker
Data Resource Mgr.
Room: 045C
Carol Brown
Program Director, Richard M. Daley Fellowship
Room: 187
Madhu Cain
Executive Director of Human Resources and Facilities
Room: 130A
Cynthia Cook-Conley
Faculty Assistant
Room: 191
Maggie DeCarlo
Director of Student Programs
Room: 130E
Daniel Diermeier
Dean and Professor
Room: 101
Jeremy Edwards
Associate Dean, Admissions
Room: Suite 129
Marc Farinella
Chief Operating Officer
Room: 102
Betty Farrell
Senior Lecturer; Executive Director, Cultural Policy Center
Room: 285B
Evan Feigenbaum
Executive Director, The Paulson Institute
Room: 174
Sarah Galer
Director of Communications
Room: 107
Jill Gandhi
Research Program Manager, Center for Human Potential and Public Policy
Room: 217
Theresa Garcia
Admissions Administrative Assistant
Room: 131
Stephanie Gerbick
Student Services Specialist
Room: 130F
David Goodloe
Project Manager, Strategic Initiatives
Room: 109
Jocelyn Hare
Post-Graduate Urban Fellow
Room: S15A
Peggy Harper
Associate Dean for Special Initiatives
Room: 109
Adam Heeg
Director of Career Development
Room: 130B
Jody Horowitz
Associate Director, Alumni Relations and Development
Room: 206A
D. Carroll Joynes
Lecturer; Senior Fellow, Cultural Policy Center
Room: 285D
Jane Thu Giang Le
Assistant Director of Admissions
Room: 126B
Keri Lintz
Associate Director of Center for Human Potential and Public Policy
Room: 116
Kathi Marshall
Dean of Students
Room: 130G
Jamil Mayfield
Facilities Coordinator
Room: 126C
Katie Meyer
Executive Assistant to the Dean
Room: 105
Mirela Munteanu
Director of Finance
Room: 118
Nicki Nabasny
Director of External Relations
Room: 205
Bevis Pardee
Director of Information Technology
Room: 045A
Angela Perez
Career Development Coordinator
Room: 130J
Shamus Regan
Web Content Administrator
Room: 043A
Rhonda Roseboro
Senior Admissions Officer, Diversity Recruitment
Room: 131A
Joy Serletic
Human Resources Assistant
Room: 130H
Jake Smith
Communications Coordinator
Room: 206B
Mark Sorkin
Associate Director of Communications
Room: 207
Cynthia Taylor
Dean of Students Specialist
Room: 130D
Marnie Van der Voort
Associate Director, Richard M. Daley Distinguished Senior Fellowship
Room: 189
Lydia Veliko
EPIC Program Coordinator
Room: 201
Larisa Vladu
Assistant Director of Financial Services
Room: 119