Ofer Malamud, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Ofer Malamud, an associate professor at Chicago Harris, primarily conducts research in the fields of labor economics and the economics of education. His work has focused on the development of human capital and the impact of skills on university and labor market outcomes. In particular, he has examined the relative returns to academic and vocational education in Romania and the trade-off between early specialization and the gains from delaying the choice of a major field of study in Britain. He has also studied the effect of education on geographical mobility and on health in the United States using the unintended effect of attending college to avoid the Vietnam draft. Most recently, he has been conducting experimental and quasi-experimental studies exploring the effect of home computer use on child and adolescent outcomes in Romania, Chile, and Peru.

Malamud received his PhD in economics from Harvard University in 2004, where he also graduated magna cum laude with a BA in economics and philosophy. He is a research associate at the National Bureau of Economics Research, and a faculty affiliate at the University of Chicago’s Population Research Center and the Center for Human Potential and Public Policy. He was also a Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellow during 2003-2004.