"The core is not just about the fundamentals of those disciplines; it's about bringing them all together, applying them in different situations, solving real problems."

Surya "Surge" Sen, MPP'98
Senior Supervisory Consumer Financial Services Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank

Coursework at Harris is multidisciplinary and geared toward solving problems in the real-world—how to analyze data, seek effective solutions, and evaluate results.

Our innovative curriculum offers original opportunities for study that are unavailable at any other institution. Students interested in science policy take classes across campus in the University’s prestigious Department of Physical Sciences. The International Policy Practicum provides in-depth study of a selected nation, followed by a trip overseas to meet with local policy leaders. Courses offered by our guest lecturers bring students face-to-face with leading policy practitioners in the classroom setting.

Core Courses

  • Analytical Politics I: Strategic Foundations
  • Analytical Politics II: The Policymaking Process (domestic and international offerings)
  • Statistical Methods for Policy Research I & II
  • Principles of Microeconomics and Public Policy  I & II
  • Decisions and Organizations