Center for Survey Methodology

Certificate in Survey Research

The Certificate in Survey Research offers a strong grounding in the basic methodologies used in survey research and includes elective courses in related topics. This training provides students with the capability to design and execute surveys as well as a framework within which to assess the strengths and weaknesses of data collected through surveys. Understanding the provenance of survey data has become increasingly critical as data collected for research purposes through surveys is increasingly blended with transactional and administrative data.

The Certificate in Survey Research will be awarded to students who complete the following course:

  • Survey Research Methods and Analysis (PPHA 41600, Winter 2016)

and at least two of the following courses:

  • Survey Questionnaire Design (PPHA 41800, Spring 2016)
  • Strategic Uses of Survey Research in Political Campaigns (PPHA 31730, Spring 2016)
  • Sample Surveys (STAT 33100, Fall 2015)
  • National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (PPHA 44600, Spring 2016)
  • GIS Applications in the Social Sciences (PPHA 38520, Spring 2016)
  • Such other courses as may be specified as part of the curriculum for the Certificate, subject to approval by the responsible faculty of the Center for Survey Research.

Courses that count toward completion of a particular Harris School certificate program may simultaneously count toward completion of other Harris School certificate programs.

There is no applicaton or application process required for participation in the Certificate in Survey Research program.  Harris students should contact their academic advisor to indicate intention to pursue the certificate. Students enrolled in other units of the university who are interested in being awarded the Certificate in Survey Research must obtain permission of their home unit.

For further information about the Certificate in Survey Research, please contact the Harris Office of Student Affairs