Staff & Initiatives

Michelle Hoereth, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion

Michelle Hoereth
Michelle Hoereth

Michelle Hoereth is the Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion at Harris Public Policy. She oversees the development of new diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives, managing existing programs, and working directly with Harris Student Organizations.

Michelle brings 20 years of experience in urban policy and development. Her work in these spaces have allowed her to deepen her commitment to diversity and inclusion while working toward equitable solutions for people and communities in greatest need.


Student Recruitment Initiatives

The Admissions team at Harris Public Policy works to attract and enroll a diverse class of students each year. In fact, we have nearly tripled the number of underrepresented minority students in the past five years.

Sparkle Dalphinis, Associate Director, Student Recruitment

Sparkle Dalphinis
Sparkle Dalphinis

Sparkle Dalphinis is committed to supporting underserved populations through the application process. Her education and professional experience are ideal for finding students who fit the diverse and policy-driven environment of Harris Public Policy.

Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board

The Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board (DIAB) serves as the coordinating body for all affairs regarding diversity and inclusion at Harris Public Policy. The DIAB includes senior administration, faculty, students, alumni, and staff members.

Common Read 

The Common Read includes incoming students each year, as well as faculty and staff, who read the same book and discuss it together. This year, we read What the Eyes Don't See by Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, a firsthand account of a pediatrician who advocated on behalf of her patients during the Flint Water Crisis.

The Common Read is part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion and our belief that future policymakers must be given the opportunity to better understand the lived experiences of people who have been marginalized and to explore related policy questions.