This workshop meets on Wednesdays from 3:00-4:30 p.m. in Room 140C, 1155 E. 60th St. in Chicago. The faculty organizers are Anjali Adukia, Yana Gallen, and Koichiro Ito. To receive regular updates about the workshops, please email Cobina Gibson (

Autumn 2017 Workshops

Sept 27

Gordon Hanson (University of San Diego)

"Importing Political Polarization?  The Electoral Consequences of Rising Trade Exposure"

Oct 4

Chris Udry (Northwestern University)

"Heterogeneity, Measurement Error, and Misallocation: Evidence from African Agriculture"

Oct 11 Nick Bloom (Stanford University)
Oct 18 Abigail Wozniak (University of Notre Dame)
Oct 25 Tavneet Suri (MIT)
Nov 1 Dean Karlan (Yale University)
Nov 8

Seema Jayachandran (Northwestern University)

"Does Affordable Home Heating Save Lives"

Nov 15 Richard Blundell (University College London)
Nov 29 Anna Aizer (Brown University)
Dec 6 Sally Hudson (University of Virginia)