Associated Faculty Rena Conti

Associated Faculty Rena Conti Discusses Drug Discount Law

Trump takes on hospitals: the facts behind fight over 340B drug discounts
Professor Oeindrila Dube

Professor Oeindrila Dube Discusses the History of Women Leadership

What would the world look like with more women leaders?
Harris Public Policy Professor Michael Greenstone

Professor Michael Greenstone Discusses the Impacts that Climate has on Physical Activity

Professor Greenstone examines how climate affects marathon race times.
Harris Public Policy Senior Fellow Michael Nutter

Senior Fellow Michael Nutter Speaks At Racial Inequality Symposium

University of Chicago hosts symposium to tackle racial inequality
Harris Public Policy Associate Professor Anthony Fowler

Associate Professor Anthony Fowler Discusses Judges' Rejection of Quantitative Evidence

Chief Justice Roberts and other judges have a hard time with statistics. That’s a real problem
Harris Public Policy Assistant Professor Peter Ganong

Assistant Professor Peter Ganong Finds Economic Convergence Declining

The economies of American states and cities are diverging
Harris Public Policy Professor Dan Black

Professor Dan Black Argues For Greater Use Of Statistical Matching

Matching avoids making assumptions about the functional form of the regression equation, making analysis more reliable
Harris Public Policy Professor Jens Ludwig

Professor Jens Ludwig Discusses Interstate Gun Trafficking

Gun laws stop at state lines, but guns don't
Harris Public Policy Professor James Heckman

Professor James Heckman Supports an Expanded CDCTC

Tax reform could boost economy with bigger, refundable child care credit
Harris Public Policy Assistant Professor Alexander Fouirnaies

Assistant Professor Alexander Fouirnaies Discusses Targeted Lobbying

Research shows how industry spends to influence the legislative agenda