Elaine Li, MPP '19 (Expected)

Student Q&A: Elaine Li, MPP '19 (Expected)

Li's advice to prospective students: tell your story... and start writing early!
jang thumbnail

Student Q&A: Jihye Jang, MPP '18 (Expected)

Learn how Jihye Jang plans on using her public policy degree to make the world a better place.
Peter Biava, MPP/MBA '19

Student Q&A: Peter Biava, MPP/MBA ’19 (Expected)

Building a better world through robust economic development—that's Biava's goal. Learn how he's using his dual degree at Harris and Booth to do it.
Katie Fanning, MA '19

Student Q&A: Katie Fanning, MA ’19 (Expected)

Learn how Fanning will use her time in the new part-time Harris Public Policy Evening Master's Program to transition to the public sector. She plans to make it count.
Saptarshi Ghose, MS-CAPP '19

Student Q&A: Saptarshi Ghose, MSCAPP '19 (Expected)

Learn more about Saptarshi Ghose's (MSCAPP '19) journey to becoming a Harris MSCAPP student and how his connection to a Harris alum made all the difference.
Aamir Hussain

Student Q&A: Aamir Hussain, Entering Student, Fall 2017

New student Aamir Hussain explains why he's taking a gap year from UChicago Medical School to study public policy.

Student Q&A: Margaret Decker, Entering Student, Fall 2017

New student Margaret Decker on how a private sector job and a passion for solving systemic inequalities led her to Harris Publicy Policy.

Student Q&A: Drazzel Feliu, Entering Student, Fall 2017

New student Drazzel Feliu on how he saw a future for his statistics background at Harris Public Policy.

Student Q&A: Michael Harvey

Incoming student Michael Harvey explains how Aristotle and urban development brought him to Harris Public Policy.
Megan Kang

Student Q&A: Megan Kang, Entering Student, Fall 2017

New student Megan Kang explains how a Teach for America position in Detroit and Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed brought her to Harris Public Policy.