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Professor Jeffery Grogger

Prof. Jeffrey Grogger Shows the Economic Benefits of the Earned Income Tax Credit

Supply-Side Economics, but for Liberals
Protestors in Colombia

To The Point: The FARC and the Colombian Peace Accords

Prof. James Robinson weighs in on the recent peace process with the FARC.
Tax Day, Up Close and Personal

Tax Day, Up Close and Personal

Listen to the latest episode of Day One Podcast, "Tax Day, Up Close and Personal." Harris Prof. Damon Jones also weighs in on tax policy.
Paula Worthington

Senior Lecturer Paula Worthington Discusses Cook County’s Rise in Average Income

Sr. Lect. Paula Worthington discusses Cook County’s rise in average income
Arne Duncan

Senior Fellow Arne Duncan on Why Post-High School Planning Matters

In op-ed, distinguished senior fellow Arne Duncan cites UChicago research on CPS improvement.
Prof. Michael Greenstone

Prof. Michael Greenstone's "Social Cost of Carbon" Policy Abandoned by Trump

Even As Trump Scuttles Climate Policy, Diehards Propose New Cap-And-Trade System For Auto Emissions

Harris Accolades

Celebrate the Harris community by nominating outstanding student leaders, organizations, and faculty and staff.

Academic English Pre-Matriculation Program

The University of Chicago's Academic English Program is an approximately three-week summer program designed to support incoming international students who are not fluent in English.

Mathematical Methods

The goal of the Mathematical Methods program is to review and develop the majority of the mathematics that will be used during the core courses of the PhD and MACRM programs.
Dayton, OH

Insights: Harris Student Interviews Three Female Mayors

Harris student and Women in Public Policy member Isabelle Dienstag, MPP'17 candidate, interviews three women mayors (two current; one former) from both sides of the aisle.
Ghani Rayid

Senior Fellow Rayid Ghani Discusses How "Predicting the Past" Can Highlight Future Issues

How Mathematicians in Chicago Are Stopping Water Leaks in Syracuse