What You Will Learn

  • Session 1: International Health Policy and Governance
  • Session 2: COVID-19, Pandemics and Responses
  • Session 3: Healthcare Costs (Drugs, Technology, Services) and Performance Measurement
  • Session 4: Paying for Healthcare, Insurance, and other Payors
  • Session 5: Health Information Privacy and Regulation
  • Sessions 6: Health Data, Research, Evidence and Policy
  • Sessions 7 & 8: Cost Effectiveness Analysis (with Capstone Assignment)

Experiential Learning

Complete a Cost Effectiveness Exercise during the final week of the program as an individual capstone assignment (Sessions 7 & 8). Use publicly-available data in a structured Microsoft Excel workbook to compare the estimated costs and benefits of a few public health interventions selected by the program.

Internship Opportunity

You can apply for an exclusive internship opportunity offered by the University of Chicago Center for Health and Social Sciences after you successfully complete the credential program in good academic standing.

Work with a research team to develop an understanding of the current science of the field and prepare a white paper for use in ongoing policy development work with the University’s Office of Federal Relations. Research topics include care continuity, oral health, vitamin D and illness severity, aging, end of life care and decision-making, and more.

Applying: Near the end of the credential program, we will share information about applying for the internship with students in good academic standing. We will conduct interviews in late November 2021 with a tentative internship start in January 2022.

2 positions are available.

Schedule and Format

  • 6 weeks, 3-5 hours per week
  • October 4 – November 12, 2021
  • 2 weekly live (synchronous) lectures, conducted in Zoom
  • Sessions are 100% live and highly interactive, conducted on Zoom
  • Weekly live office hours

Time Commitment

Anticipate a commitment of approximately 3-5 hours per week. This weekly estimate is based on 2 hours of live lecture, 1 hour for pre-lecture readings and assignments, and 1 hour of live office hours.

This part-time format allows you to join the program alongside full-time jobs or degree programs.

Virtual Format

This program uses a combination of synchronous lectures and discussions and asynchronous pre-reading and assignments. The virtual program allows you to join live lectures and discussion groups with faculty, graduate teaching assistants, and peers from anywhere in the world. 

Office Hours

Live office hours are available for discussions and questions on course materials. Office hours are held in the mornings and evenings of Central Standard Time (Chicago Time, UTC-6). Office hours are optional.