9:00 AM - 10:20 AM
Course #
PPHA 30800
Fall 2017

This course has four objectives, three substantive and one methodological. The three major substantive themes of the course are (i) the normative foundations of policy making, (ii) how strategic interactions give rise to social pathologies that create room for public policy to improve social welfare, and (iii) how technological, political, and institutional factors constrain policy making and sometimes prevent good policies from being enacted. Methodologically, the course introduces basic game theory. Game theory is the mathematical tool used to study situations of strategic interdependence, which is most of life. As such, it is a critical for understanding the substantive issues discussed above. In addition, understanding basic game theory is a valuable skill in its own right for policy professionals. It helps us predict and understand how people and organizations will behave in response to changes in the policy environment.


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