Looking for a short-term academic opportunity over the summer?

In addition to our degree programs, Harris offers two summer programs: the Data and Policy Summer Scholars (DPSS) program and the PKU-UChicago International Policy Action Lab (IPAL) program. Both offer students an opportunity to improve their data and policy analysis skills in a short-term virtual program.

The Data and Policy Summer Scholars Program (DPSS)

Who is a good candidate for the DPSS program?

Current undergraduate or graduate students, recent graduates, and professionals looking to improve or learn quantitative analysis skills and understanding of programming and R.

What is the format?

DPSS is a part-time program offered over seven weeks in a virtual format. The asynchronous virtual model allows students to have flexibility in their schedule. Students are enrolled in two courses, but can watch lectures and participate at a time that works best for them.

What do students enrolled in the program learn?

Students enrolled in the program complete two courses and a capstone project.

Our Quantitative Analysis course includes an introduction to critical, quantitative thinking. Students will be introduced to the basic toolkit of policy analysis.

Introduction to Programming and R is an introductory course in programming and data analysis for students with no prior coding experience. In this course, students will learn:

  • The tools required to write and share code
  • How to translate self-contained questions into R programs
  • How to retrieve, clean, visualize, and analyze data

Finally, through their capstone project, students will work with faculty director Austin Wright on real-world problems, collaborating with peers and instructors to design a solution. Through the process of data analysis and presentation, students will harness the skills of research design, policy analysis, and team collaboration to conduct a research project using real datasets.

We offer two DPSS sessions this summer. Apply by May 18 for Session 1 and June 15 for Session 2.

Begin your application today!

Session 1: June 15, 2020—August 2, 2020

Session 2: July 22, 2020—September 13, 2020

The PKU-UChicago International Policy Action Lab (IPAL)

The PKU-UChicago International Policy Action Lab (IPAL) is offered through the School of Economics at Peking University and the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago. You will learn from top scholars at both institutions and engage in an intensive academic training experience to tackle real social issues using an evidence-based approach.

Who is a good candidate for PKU-UChicago IPAL?

To enroll in the program, you must have finished at least one year of full-time study at an undergraduate institution by the time you begin the program. For students having little related academic background knowledge—in additional to the three-week required program module—we also offer a three-week optional module to help build your data analytical skill set before you take the required modules. You can check out the academic schedule here.

What is the format?

The program will be offered in a virtual format from July 6–26, 2020.

We have built in additional opportunities for you to engage with faculty as you work through the material. There will still be many opportunities to join in community with people interested in using data science to make the world a better place.

What do students enrolled in the program learn?

Each week of the program will focus on a new topic. Week One will introduce programming in R, Week Two will address policy analysis and causal inferences, and Week Three will culminate in a faculty-led capstone project.

Interested students should submit their application by June 1, 2020. Begin your application today.

Both programs are led by Austin Wright and provide a certificate of completion issued by the Harris School of Public Policy with letter grades based on your assignments and program participation. There is no exam for the program. Questions on either program? Please email harris-summerscholar@uchicago.edu for DPSS, or ipal@uchicago.edu for IPAL inquiries.